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A worthwhile, relevant and significant interaction demand the speaker to listen to the students. It is important for a teacher or a researcher to make the grounds of the students as strong as possible in his interest field. In future, these students and researchers also have the same responsibility for the budding scientists. This chain evolves the science through different stages as in Problem, Imagination, Experiment, Observation and Conclusion which is what we call the Science is. Different students have different ability to deal with the problem. This ability comes form the practices with logical thinking while dealing with the task. Accordingly, a teacher or a researcher should be able to shape the future of the student to deal with such complexities. The clarity of lectures and the instrumentations are not enough to give a better impact on scientific society whereas better communication skills leave a better footprints to students. This influential guidance and collaborative work with young minds, make us to be updated with recent advances in physics teaching and training, globally.


Indian Institute of Information Technology, Allahabad is our sacred place of learning, where we learn and remain committed to life long learning with a focused objective that the outcome of learning is to accomplish notch class performance all through, and everyone who is associated thus should create a niche for him/herself. We stand to ensure Quality in Excellence. We pledge that there shall be ‘Quality in the Show but certainly not Show in the Quality’. IIIT-Allahabad aims to evolve an integrated ambiance of creative learning, researching for novelties, contributing to the growth of knowledge, mapping the knowledge into innovations, innovations in terms of innovative products, services and also in terms of re-engineering the education process itself, devising the newer tools and sophisticating the skills at higher level. The entire process of learning and researching should simply result in performing actions innovatively in and across the related faculties of Computer Science and Technology, Information Science and Technology, Electronics and Communication Technology, Applied Science and Technology, encompassing humanity. The faculty of Management Studies should add to the value of the glory that the IIIT-A hopes to reach. Commensurate to this, IIIT-A should ensure to contribute in creating a strong second line for the World, for India and also to steer the institution locally; and in turn make the second line to commit itself to the responsibility creating a more powerful follow-up line to perpetuate lifelong learning, innovating and creating the future as infinite ripples. Allahabad or Prayag is also called the "Tirth Raj", the king of all pilgrimage centers. There are many references to Prayag or Allahabad in Indian epics, Vedas and Puranas. Allahabad stands at the confluence of the Ganga and Yamuna (two of India's holiest rivers) and Saraswati River (a mythical river which is not visible). The place where river Ganga and river Yamuna meet is called Sangam (union). Sangam is the venue of many sacred fairs and rituals, and attracts thousands of pilgrims throughout the year. The most important event at Prayag is the Kumbha Mela. Apart from these it is an important place of learning, attracting people from other places to the city to gain education.

Innovations in Physics teaching and research.


Use of information technology, Online physics teaching and learning, Physics teaching through simulation, Research for UG students, Designing laboratory experiments for different levels, Teaching physics through assignments, Blended mode of learning and flip classroom, Evaluation method for school and college level, Innovating methods for teaching physics, Recent advances in physical sciences.